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For each space we design, each technology item we carry, every meal we prepare, and every line item

Dedicated Production And Planning Teams

We are a team of 300 people who specialize in
hospitality, technology, design, and production

Premium, Fresh Cuisine Made Onsite

By studying the science of catering to large groups of people, particularly in a business context

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Developed by Hourty Group, Hoomiez Estates optimizes modern design with the investor’s
bespoke customization. Construction methodologies ensure high-quality technical specifications for
optimum physical durability and minimum maintenance.

Phase one — Citrus:

Our process starts with listening to our client’s needs and desires to produce a truly collaborative design solution.

Phase two — Harmony:

This phase of the development is dedicated to additional amenities that will serve the residential area and advance the commercial area, adding to the grandeur of Citrine Estates.

Phase three — Zenith:

The culmination of the development of Citrine Estates, this phase will see further luxury residential plots added to this exclusive development.

3 Bedroom Villa

3 Bedroom Residence

2 Bedroom Residence

4 Bedroom Villa

Apartment Block Type C

Apartment Block Type A

Apartment Block Type B

A Better Way to Offer Building Amenities to Office Tenants …
landlords are approaching this workplace trend is by providing
premium amenities and services.



  • Conference facilities
  • Reliable, fast Wi-Fi
  • High-speed internet and WiFi access
  • Easy access to parking and transportation
  • Dining options
  • Fully equipped fitness centers
  • Conference facilities
  • Reliable, fast Wi-Fi
  • High-speed internet and WiFi access
  • Easy access to parking and transportation
  • Dining options
  • Fully equipped fitness centers

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